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February 2014


Fox 4 and KMBC

One neighborhood wants KC’s rail to steer clear of a beloved trail
February 5, 2014 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Construction on the Downtown Streetcar system is already underway, but so are meetings in one Kansas City neighborhood to make sure the construction doesn’t mess with its treasured trail. In fact the mayor’s office moved to ease those concerns on Wednesday night.


Mayor James aims to ease worries about popular trail’s future
Feb 5, 2014 Kansas City Mayor Sly James attended a meeting Wednesday night in hopes of assuring people in the Brookside area that an expanded streetcar line wouldn’t wipe out the popular Trolley Track Trail.


Independent Media

Inside Brookside (And Waldo)
Review of the recent meeting of opponents of streetcar expansion. On Wednesday evening (Feb 5, 2014) there was a meeting at the Wornall Baptist Church for the “Save the Trail” group (they have a Facebook page for reference). This organization wants to prevent the possible streetcar expansion south of 51st St.


Show Me Daily

An Open Letter To Streetcar Supporters
At the recent meeting of the Kansas City Save the Trolley Trail, supporters of an expanded streetcar system dismissed assertions from the Show-Me Institute, which are backed by research, that construction of fixed rail does not drive economic development. This is important because it appears that economic development is the raison d’être for the streetcar. One Kansas City City Councilmember told the Kansas City Business Journal:


How It All Started – A Brief History Of The Streetcar TDD 2012

Aug 1, 2012 Kansas City Business Journal

A majority of voters have approved creating a special taxing district to help pay for a downtown Kansas City streetcar. On Wednesday, the Kansas City Board of Elections certified that 318 votes were cast in favor of the transportation development district, with 141 votes against. The district’s area has 555 eligible voters. Link – Downtown Kansas City voters back streetcar taxing district

Aug 22, 2012 Kansas City Business Journal

The board of the Kansas City Downtown Streetcar Transportation Development District on Wednesday adopted a schedule that would mirror the process used earlier in the summer to create the transportation district. The board consists of Mayor Sly James, residential property owner Matthew Staub, Port Authority of Kansas City Chairman George Wolf and Boulevard Brewing Co. CFO Jeff Krum. Link – Kansas City rolls toward a second streetcar vote


Debate – Kansas City Public Television

Aug 31, 2012 Kansas City Week In Review

STREETCAR VOTE: It’s a $100 million public project. So why won’t you get to vote on it at the ballot box? Why the city has chosen to yank streetcars the November ballot and make it a mail-in election. Video – KCPT Online YouTube

Nov 19, 2012 Kansas City Week In Review

THE STREETCAR ELECTION: The mail-in election to decide downtown streets is underway. This week, we push aside our regular reporters to debate the $100 million project with supporters and opponents. Video – KCPT Online YouTube


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