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Modern electric buses – EV-electric vehicles – are not a science experiment anymore. With modern electric buses deployed in 10 cities and growing, and 1.2 million miles of revenue service logged, all electric zero emissions fleets are well beyond their trial period. Citizens want other options put into the public transit conversation besides streetcar’s. This is our city, and we expect to be taken seriously and treated as equal partners in the decision making process, growth, and future of Kansas City.



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THE PROBLEM “Active debate and opposition to mainstream political ideas is so widely discouraged in Kansas City that votes are often decided before any ballot is cast by gerrymandered election districts and a myriad of deeply entrenched special interests which dominate communities and neighborhoods citywide.”


THE PETITION “Direct democracy, sometimes called “pure democracy,” is a form of democracy in which the people themselves, rather than elected representatives, determine the laws and policies by which they are governed.



Direct democracy is the opposite of the more common “representative democracy,” under which the people elect representatives empowered to create laws and policies. Ideally, the laws and policies enacted by the elected representatives in a representative democracy reflect the will of the people.”

We will provide additional information up and coming about where and how you can add your voice to the SmartKC petition requiring a citywide vote on any city light rail proposals. Until then have a great Independence Day weekend!