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Initiative Petition – Updated Friday, Feb 6, 2015

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As you know, SMARTKC, has launched an Initiative Petition to require the City to stop spending our tax dollars on Streetcar expansion without first putting it to a vote of the City.


This petition was a direct response to the City’s enactment of Ordinance 141052 on January 22, 2015. In that ordinance, the Council stated that it would be “providing for the continued use of proceeds of the Bonds to pay costs of preliminary work related to the expansion of the City’s streetcar system” and left more than 2.4 million dollars available for just that purpose; in spite of the fact that 60% of those who voted on the streetcar issue in August of 2014 said “NO” to streetcar expansion.


“We the voters of Kansas City, Mo., are going to be heard if not now, later, we’re not going to stop on this issue until the city recognizes it represents we the voters and can’t simply take on an agenda that is disjointed from what the voters want.”


Thursday February 5,  2015

FOX 4 – SMART KC petitions for city council to get approval before spending more on streetcars

Friday January 30, 2015

Petition Document. Link below opens in new window.


We’ve launched our Initiative Petition to require a public vote before the City can spend any add’l funds on study, planning or construction of a streetcar. Please let know of convenient sites for you to sign the petition & we’ll try to post someone there. We’ll have someone at both grocery stores in Brookside every evening during the week & during the day on weekends but will add to those locations as we hear from you. We will have someone at the NAACP event this Saturday, January 31, will appear at any other event to which we are invited and will have representatives at the candidate forums over the next 10 days. Please give us your feedback on this forum or at and get out to sign this petition.


Thursday January 29, 2015

The City Council recently set the stage for spending more public funds for expansion of the streetcar beyond the downtown line; something 60% of the voters voted against just this past August.

SMARTKC is now circulating an initiative petition that would require the City to put any expenditure of public funds toward the study or construction of an expansion line to a vote of the residents of Kansas City.

SMARTKC’s goal is to get 7,000 signatures within two weeks.

SMARTKC plans to start collecting signatures Thursday night at the Brookside Market beginning at 7 p.m.

Goal to collect 7,000 signatures in 2 weeks

Reported by Andres Gutierrez KSHB 41 Action News



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