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KC Sets Date To Count Costs

kcsastreetcargraphicsconcept 600xx443-665-38-02The Kansas City Council will hear about the costs of the city’s failed streetcar extension proposal on Thursday.

Sherri McIntyre, director of the city’s Public Works Department, and City Engineer Ralph Davis — the project managers for the 2.2-mile downtown streetcar — said there will be an update on the costs of the second phase proposal during the council’s business session at City Hall. Business sessions usually occur at 1 p.m. on Thursday, prior to the council’s legislative session.

“There will be an update on where it’s at,” Davis said.

Chris Hernandez, a spokesman for the city, confirmed the date of the presentation. He previously told the Kansas City Business Journal that Public Works Department staff would issue a full status report on contracts related to the proposal, how much money has already been spent and how much work was completed but not yet paid for.



An agenda for the upcoming business session has not yet been posted on the City Clerk’s website. Representatives of the City Clerk’s office said it will likely be posted on Wednesday morning.

Story continued here at the Kansas City Business Journal by Austin Alonzo