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“Once They Ride This Bus, They Love It”


a2Seattle may order hundreds of buses from Greenville company

Seattle King Metro recently bought two battery-powered buses and a fast charge system for a trial run.

Following a one-year trial period, the agency has a pre-arranged option to purchase up to 200 more buses and additional fast charge systems.

With this purchase, the Seattle area is the latest in a group of metropolitan areas, including Stockton and Pomona, Calif.; San Antonio, Texas; Worcester, Mass.; Tallahassee, Fla.; Seneca, S.C.; Nashville, Tenn.; Reno, Nev.; and Louisville, Ky., to purchase and deploy Proterra EV transit technology.

In addition the Washington DC Circulator bus service will soon be replacing its fleet of 49 diesel buses, which dates from 2003, and local transit authorities are organizing one-day showcases so that decision-makers and riders can check out new bus models that will be vying for the contract. South Carolina-based Proterra brought its 40-foot, 77-passenger electric bus.


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  1. sharon pendleton says:

    kansas city must get a clean, reliable transit system using bus mode rather than rail. The initial costs of rail are never recaptured, and with technologies advancing so rapidly, the cng or all electric buses are definitely the way to go. Why don’t the “leaders” in KC and the notorious KCATA/MARC power centers clear their heads of rail systems and invest here for the future.?

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