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1.3Get the word out.  Please visit the Be Smart KC Page for resources you can use.  We will continue to post occasional updates here at


Wed July 30, 2014 San Antonio Ends Streetcar Project


District 9 Councilman Joe Krier, who was elected to Council in part on an anti-streetcar platform, praised Mayor Taylor for listening to the public and called the decision “the right one.”

“We need a comprehensive, well thought-out plan that we can take to voters, and if we can persuade them, fine,” Krier said. “This is a great victory for citizens who think they should have a voice in major public policy issues.”


Link – City & County Pulling Plug on San Antonio Streetcar Project



Wed July 23, 2014 KANSAS CITY, Mo.

The pastor of a prominent Catholic church in Kansas City said the plans for a streetcar expansion could be burden for his congregation and his church. Story By Micheal Mahoney with video at KMBC 9 News.

KMBC 9 News   Pastor questions potential burden of streetcar tax on poor


Wed July 16, 2014 Special Assessments

1Polsinelli’s Plaza Vista building (formerly the failed West Edge project) will pay $81.41 a year with the proposed TDD special assessment. Although TDD attorney Doug Stone is now with Husch Blackwell the city did enter into a contract with Polsinelli for TDD and streetcar related consulting during Dec 2013. – Ordinance #130944 “Waiving a requirement of Section 2-83(a), Code of Ordinances, and authorizing the City Attorney to execute a contract with Polsinelli PC, for the provision of legal services in connection with the creation of one or more Transportation Development Districts; and recognizing an emergency.”
Considering the commercial building at 4600 Madison two blocks north will be on the hook for $26,000 in special assessments it has to make one wonder. Single family residences will also pay more then Plaza Vista. Vote No on Question A.


Monday July 14, 2014 KMBC 9 News


Friday July 11, 2014 – Citizens Association Walk Away From Street Car Plan

The drive to expand the starter street car line in Kansas City took a hit Friday. The Citizens Association, which is generally considered a progressive group, did not endorse the street car expansion plan on the August 5 ballot. Story here at 20lbs of Headlines


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