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Has the Kansas City Streetcar Authority convinced you or someone you know that streetcars are the only option? Take a few minutes to discover what can be done without the need for a city to gamble away a half billion dollars of your money on a transit fad that’s not even about ridership.


Houston Metro, burdened with a transit system devised in the 1970s, has proposed an extensive makeover of the local bus service under its System Reimagining Plan. Moreover, the plan sidesteps the need for new money by redeploying existing resources rather than relying on fare hikes and more system funding.


In Columbus, there was a small budget for expanded service, but still, 90% of what is achieved here is the result of reallocation: removing overlapping routes and deviations, removing duplication, and in some cases removing service that very small numbers of people were using.

Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy. And explains the status of these two projects in the following articles.  A must read for those interested in modern, affordable, regional transit that works.

Columbus: a new transit network plan

Houston: transit, reimagined



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