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Flash From The Past – May 18, 2012




310 Voters Could Decide Downtown Streetcar Tax District .

A proposed tax district might be decided by only 5 percent of eligible voters.

The fate of the proposed downtown taxing district that would pay for a large part of a streetcar line might be decided by only 310 voters. The Kansas City Business Journal reports that only 360 of the estimated 5,900 eligible residents have applied for ballots to vote on forming the district. Fifty of those applicants didn’t have proof that they were registered to vote in the area.

The Pitch May 18, 2012



Few Kansas City voters get on board for downtown streetcar vote

With a few days left before the Tuesday deadline, just 5 percent of eligible voters have applied to participate in this summer’s mail-in election about the streetcar proposal for Downtown.  According to the Jackson County Circuit Court Administrator’s Office, 360 people have applied for the ballots, and 50 of those people failed for not including proof of being registered to vote in Jackson County.

Kansas City Business Journal May 18, 2012


Fast Forward to  August 5, 2012 – Downtown Streetcar supporters report a  Landslide streetcar election win” 

  • 69% of downtown voters said yes to the Transportation Development District’s formation
  • Councilman Russ Johnson released a list of proposed Phase 2 expansions.

“Downtowners simply want transit options and are willing to pay for them. The final tally was 319 yes, 141 no. The TDD was officially formed the next day in a ruling by 16th Circuit Court Judge Charles Atwell.” 


This time events, taxpayers, and voters are in the drivers seat.  Not 319 downtown streetcar supporters.

“There are far better, more economical solutions.  The minimum taxpayers should demand is that the promised economic benefits materialize from the first two miles of streetcars. If it becomes a success, which I doubt, then an extension could be considered.”  (April 7, 2014 Special To The Star by G.Mcliney- Streetcar is taking Kansas City on a Costly Ride)

“Citizens would like to explore alternatives before committing themselves, and future generations, to a half-billion dollar mistake.”


Till next time, have a good weekend, and thanks for visiting  SMART KC. Supporters of Modern Affordable Regional Transit.


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