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Developments Of Interest


Kansas City considers issuing debt for streetcar expansion studies.

Kansas City is considering issuing special obligation bonds to help pay for the planning of the streetcar system’s proposed second phase. On May 7, an ordinance was introduced seeking the Kansas City Council’s approval to issue no more than $10 million in special obligation bonds that would be used to pay for preliminary engineering and design studies needed to plan the streetcar system’s proposed second phase.

Story here at The Kansas City Business Journal


Harsh Portland audit airs streetcar risks

A harsh audit of Portland, Ore.’s streetcar system – considered the gold standard of streetcars – may not do any favors for those pushing to expand Cincinnati’s streetcar.

KC’s streetcar operation and maintenance is modeled on that of the Portland Streetcar system. A recent city of Portland audit called the operations structure of that city’s popular, 13-year-old streetcar system “confusing and convoluted.”

Mayor John Cranley is using the Portland audit to validate his stance that streetcar operations are fraught with problems – and that all talk about expanding Cincinnati’s route from Downtown to Uptown should cease.

Story here at by Jason Williams


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