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Monday April 7


3.3Fantasy Land Economics Versus Reality


The Message – A Couple Key Points

The sales tax that will be imposed by the district (Proposed TDD) is regressive and will create and undue burden on those who can least afford it.  In several areas of the district it will  be 11.35% and greater.

The creation of this ultra-expensive new infrastructure diverts millions and millions from Kansas City’s existing needs such as streets, sewers, police protection, and schools, to name a just a few – not to mention the expenses of operating and maintenance.

Need to catch up a little?  We understand.  Here is a recent article from last Friday we did not include in our weekend ahead post – a reality check no doubt that is long overdue and needs to be thought about.

Even before a single streetcar leaves the station, our city spenders have deemed the project a success.

So much so that a $472 million expansion is proposed for 7.6 more miles. That’s $62 million a mile. Perhaps a more rational approach would be to wait on the promised economic dividends from the first two-mile streetcar line before extending it.

If you’re against our mayor’s master plan, he counters with name-calling. He’s labeled critics “CAVE” people or Citizens Against Virtually Everything.

Perhaps a more suitable acronym would be CASI: Citizens Against Stupid Ideas. I would suggest CAVE people are only opposed to another project based on unrealistic estimates to solve non-existent problems.

Citizens would like to explore alternatives before committing themselves, and future generations, to a half-billion dollar mistake. It appears that no bad idea ever dies in Kansas City

Continued here at the Kansas City Star


And lastly here is clip from Kansas City Week in Review April 4th which begins right at the streetcar segment.



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