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The Weekend Ahead



It’s time to “clean up the aircraft” as they say in aviation as we level off at altitude and cruise toward our next destination which is the April 15th Judicial Hearing. For aficionado’s and connoisseur’s of trial hearings as far as we know this is open to the public. We will alert you if anything changes as usual.   So what is new?


For starters we have a new Smartkc Facebook page which is companion page to the one and only original Save The Trolley Page – home of the so called Cavemen of Brookside and of course the smart,  savvy, and engaged citizens of Armour Hills and Waldo. The new page is an expanded effort focusing on providing information and hard-won experience on the proposed TDD (revised) and Phase 2 Streetcar to citizens asking hard questions and wanting answers.   Here is a full-sized map of the revised TDD after Brookside and Waldo rejected light rail south of 51st Street and all those who are affected.

In other recent developments  Resolution 140258 – Reducing appropriations in the 2013A Water Bond Fund and the 2012 Sanitary Sewer Revenue Bond Fund in the total amount of $23,683,540.07; appropriating that amount to the Downtown Streetcar Phase 1 account; and recognizing an emergency – was passed by city council yesterday.

Councilmember Circo (Second by Brooks) Move to Waive Charter Requirement
I move that the Charter requirement for reading ordinances on three separate days be waived for the ordinances on today’s docket listed as “First Readings” and that these ordinances be introduced as listed to the committee so designated.

Ayes: 12 – Wagner, Davis, Ford, Johnson, Curls, Glover, Marcason, Circo, Brooks, Taylor, Sharp, James, Jr.
Nays: 0

As usual the issue (problem) once again is not so much the fact that it is obvious infrastructure would need to be replaced before a rail system is constructed above it – but the usual lack of transparency dominating the whole process.  Also the difficulty in getting straight answers about the fine print, details, and inner workings of how this particular deal works is another factor. Please see the following from our archive  here to get up to speed.  Not much has changed.

Lastly we understand some of our documents need updating and some details are no longer relevant since major changes happened very quickly and suddenly.  We will be updating these for general use as it pertains to the new TDD but you can still find some useful information in the current ones that provide useful tips and bullet pointed items as to how you will be affected.  We plan on getting revised versions up soon so thank you for your patience.  On that there is not much more at the moment we can report, but things can and do change quickly and we will respond swiftly when necessary.

So have a great weekend everyone and we will continue to work hard on your behalf to keep you informed, up to date, in the loop, and SMART.


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