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The Battle Continues


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Key event leading up to yesterdays public hearing.  Transit planners whittled down the original proposed 2014 TDD which disenfranchised portions of Kansas City south of 51st Street where opposition presented serious challenges to the streetcar agenda. This tactic may have reduced the magnitude temporarily but does not end the formidable legal and ethical challenges coming in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

In yesterdays public hearing both sides had an opportunity to present their concerns to presiding 16th Circuit Court Judge The Honorable Marco A. Roldan. At this hearing 23 spoke against, and nine in favor. Here is our local medias coverage of the hearing yesterday. On a final note we will keep you updated on developments as we approach the important Judicial hearing on April 15.


Streetcar opponents outnumber proponents at court hearing
The Kansas City Star

KC residents get a forum for proposed streetcar TDD
Kansas City Business Journal

Some opposing increase in taxes due to Streetcar expansion
Fox 4 News

Streetcar expansion met with opposition
KSHB 41 News

Public voices opinions on KC streetcar expansion
KCTV 5 News

Why the rush to expand the KC streetcar line?
KMBC 9 News (March 31)


Other Recent Developments

Introduction Date: 3/27/2014 – Councilman Russ Johnson – Reducing appropriations in the 2013A Water Bond Fund and the 2012 Sanitary Sewer Revenue Bond Fund in the total amount of $23,683,540.07; appropriating that amount to the Downtown Streetcar Phase 1 account; and recognizing an emergency.
Resolution 140258


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