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First Day Of Spring 2014


Who Has the Time and Motivation to Comprehend the Challenges We Are Facing? Not Everyone

The citizens and volunteers of SMARTKC are putting in unusual hours to help you understand the problem and the dynamics that are generating the problem, otherwise it is impossible to reach a solution or practical plan of action. SMARTKC is a diverse organization of citizens from all walks of life with one common purpose. Accountability, fairness, and ensuring that creative, practical, and intelligent solutions level the playing field socially and economically for everyone, not just special interests.

Here is an entry with video John Awald posted on our Facebook page we would like everyone to consider regarding phase 2. Did the Mayors advisory council consider this before voting to extend the streetcar system south of 51St through Brookside on March 8? Apparently not.

“There is an alternative that would make sense if KC had adequate sewers and great schools. This attached video demonstrates what light rail in Kansas City may have looked like, including the line proposed/defeated in the November 2008 election. Note this route serves South Kansas City and downtown without hurting Brookside.”


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