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Morning Edition – Monday March 10, 2014


Kansas City’s streetcar expansion plans face a crucial test

March 9

As a key deadline approaches for the project, supporters of an expanded streetcar line have been feverishly meeting with neighborhood groups to tout its benefits in central and southwest Kansas City.

Opponents have appeared as well, asking questions about costs, exactly where the streetcars would go and how much noise they would make. One battleground is in the Brookside area, where almost everyone wants to know how a new line might affect the popular Trolley Track Trail.

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Mayors Advisory Committee Meeting – Update Sun March 9th“The committee agrees to discuss more details today instead of voting on whether to expand south of 51st.” This statement was posted by KC Lightrail yesterday morning which turned out to be entirely untrue. It’s unfortunate that this source can not be relied upon to provide trustworthy information to the public, so we are making this correction for the benefit of our readers.


Saturday March 8th – After Thursday evenings final Main Street Plus Community Meeting it is pretty clear that the streetcar is a bust south of 51st and not being received well by citizens and residents. A lot of good speakers and excellent points were made by this group of people who participated. There were over 250 in attendance.

In the weeks ahead please stay tuned as our organization will provide a veritable plethora of useful material and information to help you stay informed. Our intention is not to dazzle or deceive you with glamour, wishful thinking and hype – but to offer you hard facts that have been excluded from the public discussion that you absolutely need to know!

We want to thank you all again for your support, getting engaged, and making a difference. Thank You!




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