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We will be covering and commenting on today’s hearing once the flood of media (and noise) becomes manageable and we can present the FACTS to you in a clean, clear, and definitive manner. There is going to be a lot of coverage over the next day. Thank you for your patience as always, and have a great afternoon!


Monday March 31, 2014 – PUBLIC HEARING will still be on April 1 at 1:30. The hearing will be held in Division 16, 5th floor of the Courthouse at 415 E. 12th St, KCMO. The courtroom will be locked until 1 pm but admission to the courtroom will be on a first-come basis. All who want to be in the courtroom arrive at least a couple of hours early and bring a sack lunch. Even if you do not get into the courtroom, you can wait in the hallway. A sign-up sheet will be passed around, both in the courtroom and in the hallway, for all who want to speak. There will be a limit of 3 minutes for each person to speak – that way more of us will get heard. The Judge will explain the hearing and the procedure so there will be no statements from any of the attorneys.

Notice – The Judicial Hearing originally scheduled for April 2 has been rescheduled and is now April 15 at 9:00 AM. Details to come.


Revised Transportation Development District Map – Current TDD – Red


Thursday March 27

In other news today this mornings Transportation  Joint Council committee passed KC streetcar Phase 2 ordinance unanimously and it is now in the hands of the City Council.  This is Resolution 140227 .
Passed – Adopted as Substituted Ayes: 12 – Wagner, Davis, Ford, Johnson, Curls, Reed, Glover, Marcason, Brooks, Taylor, Sharp, James, Jr. – – Nays: 0 – – (Circo not Present)

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Summary of Yesterdays Media Reporting for March 25, 2014


Media. Electronic news. 3d

Each link opens in a new window.  We will be reporting on up and coming developments, and we encourage you to show up in force on April 1 for he public hearing on the proposed and modified TDD.   Check our document library in preparation for the April 1 public hearing.  Things can shift and change very quickly so we’ll keep you informed.  Have a great day!


Proposed taxing district for streetcar extensions shrinks
The Kansas City Star

Streetcar extension stalls over money, not Brookside NIMBYs
The Fast Pitch Blog

Streetcar stunner: Brookside dropped from new expansion plan –
The Kansas City Star

Streetcar consultants: Cut Brookside, Waldo out of expansion plans
Kansas City Business Journal

Streetcar committee recommends 8-mile extension to city council
KSHB 41 Action News

Kansas City streetcar moves on without Brookside
The Kansas City Star

Committee Recommends Excluding Brookside From Proposed Streetcar Line

Brookside roundup: No streetcar, new landlord
The Fast Pitch Blog

Streetcars no longer coming to Brookside
Fox 4 Kansas City

Toy Train Streetcar Brookside Defeat Suggests Kansas City Anti-Tax Resistance Growing Stronger!!!
Tony’s Kansas City


Tuesday March 25 – Brookside, Waldo out of expansion plans

There has been veritable flood of media since yesterday evenings Streetcar TDD proposal meeting. We will bring you full coverage of this right here as soon as we can sort out the noise from the facts. Thank you for being patient, and most of all thank you for your support!

FB 1


Monday March 24 – Approaching Rapidly


On April 1st will be the first public hearing on the City Council’s petition for approval of the Transportation Development District – Streetcar Proposal being put on the Aug 5 ballot. Tuesday, April 1 at 1:30 pm – Jackson County Courthouse 415 E. 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64106.  Division 16 on the 5th Floor.  Please have a  look at this document for additional information. 

On Wednesday, April 2 Judicial hearings on City Council’s proposal to put the streetcar issue on the ballot on August 5 will begin. We will report on this on a regular basis to keep you informed.

In the latest addition to our website we have added a document and media library you can begin using.  We will update this on a regular basis and you can start right here on this site by visiting our Documents page.



In other recent developments here is the resolution that will be voted on in the city council meeting on Thursday March 27.  We want to include this feedback from a resident who took the time to read the Resolution.

They are extending the line through the neighborhood and it will be the alignment the Mayor’s Committee chose. They have blinders on and one goal – build the line. They do not care what anyone has to say. “It may not be right, but it is legal” -Russ Johnson.

March 23 – The Star – Support and opposition both growing as streetcar court hearing nears


First Day Of Spring 2014

Who Has the Time and Motivation to Comprehend the Challenges We Are Facing? Not Everyone

The citizens and volunteers of SMARTKC are putting in unusual hours to help you understand the problem and the dynamics that are generating the problem, otherwise it is impossible to reach a solution or practical plan of action. SMARTKC is a diverse organization of citizens from all walks of life with one common purpose. Accountability, fairness, and ensuring that creative, practical, and intelligent solutions level the playing field socially and economically for everyone, not just special interests.

Here is an entry with video John Awald posted on our Facebook page we would like everyone to consider regarding phase 2. Did the Mayors advisory council consider this before voting to extend the streetcar system south of 51St through Brookside on March 8? Apparently not.

“There is an alternative that would make sense if KC had adequate sewers and great schools. This attached video demonstrates what light rail in Kansas City may have looked like, including the line proposed/defeated in the November 2008 election. Note this route serves South Kansas City and downtown without hurting Brookside.”


Energized and Engaged

parade 5
We did not make the Stars community faces collection of 282 photos of the Brookside St Patrick’s day warm up parade in yesterdays Sunday online edition, so above are some pictures of SMARTKC, Save The Trolley Trail, Brookside residents, and ATA union members in Brookside Saturday. You can see more on our Facebook page.

We would like to remind you again that the most important event coming up within the next several weeks is the first public hearing on April 1 – undue burden of proposed TDD – remember, the downtown Transportation Development District was formed because of voter apathy due to lack of information.

We cannot afford to have that happen, again!!!! Tax increases are just the tip of the iceberg and the proposed Transportation Development District is going to affect everyone in major ways.  There will be significant disruption, permanent effects on traffic, taxes, neighborhood atmosphere, property values, and much more.

On a final note for today, everyone is noticing that the Streetcar advocates refer to responsible citizens asking the hard questions as “opponents and nuisances” to be ignored – questions and arguments are deleted from their social media sites – and that is all the proof any intelligent person needs to understand that responsible citizens from every walk of life are not considered trusted partners in the future of Kansas City by the Streetcar Supporters. This is a sad state of affairs.

We will have more to offer this week, so thank you for getting involved, and have a great week

Morning Edition – Monday March 10, 2014

Kansas City’s streetcar expansion plans face a crucial test

March 9

As a key deadline approaches for the project, supporters of an expanded streetcar line have been feverishly meeting with neighborhood groups to tout its benefits in central and southwest Kansas City.

Opponents have appeared as well, asking questions about costs, exactly where the streetcars would go and how much noise they would make. One battleground is in the Brookside area, where almost everyone wants to know how a new line might affect the popular Trolley Track Trail.

Full story here at


Mayors Advisory Committee Meeting – Update Sun March 9th“The committee agrees to discuss more details today instead of voting on whether to expand south of 51st.” This statement was posted by KC Lightrail yesterday morning which turned out to be entirely untrue. It’s unfortunate that this source can not be relied upon to provide trustworthy information to the public, so we are making this correction for the benefit of our readers.


Saturday March 8th – After Thursday evenings final Main Street Plus Community Meeting it is pretty clear that the streetcar is a bust south of 51st and not being received well by citizens and residents. A lot of good speakers and excellent points were made by this group of people who participated. There were over 250 in attendance.

In the weeks ahead please stay tuned as our organization will provide a veritable plethora of useful material and information to help you stay informed. Our intention is not to dazzle or deceive you with glamour, wishful thinking and hype – but to offer you hard facts that have been excluded from the public discussion that you absolutely need to know!

We want to thank you all again for your support, getting engaged, and making a difference. Thank You!