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Wednesday March 5, 2014

THE LAST HURRAH – Thursday, March 6, 2014 – 6:00pm until 8:00pm – Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance (KCRTA)

Public meeting to extend streetcar south to Midtown, Plaza, Brookside & Waldo. NextRail KC will host a community discussion about key decisions along the corridor and provide a project update.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City MO
11 E 40th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Main Street Plus Community Meeting


 Saturday,  March 1, 9am – 10am
Country Club Right-of-Way Neighborhood Advisory Committee
Where – 2nd Floor Conference Center at the UMKC Administrative Center Building, located at 5115 Oak Street
Description – KCMO Committee meeting about streetcar expansion on the CCROW open to the public.
An opinion for your consideration.


Power and Light – Special obligation bond ordinance — containing $71.5M for KC StreetcarPassed as Substituted

Ayes: 12 – Wagner, Davis, Ford, Johnson, Curls, Reed, Glover, Marcason, Circo, Brooks, Taylor, Sharp
Nays: 0


Feb 27 – Streetcar Authority says streetcar may not operate until end of 2015, early 2016

Feb 26 – Council committee endorses Power & Light District refinancing


Sunday Feb 23 – Brookside residents express concerns about possible streetcar line Kansas City Star


Questions Questions everywhere

How difficult is it to get straight answers? Attorney Sherry DeJanes asks the hard questions.
Jan Marcason’s replies are in red.


On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 3:42 PM, Jan Marcason wrote:

I’ll get back to you next week.

Jan Marcason
City Council, 4th District
Sent from my iPad

On Feb 15, 2014, at 10:19 AM, “Sherry DeJanes” wrote:

Councilwoman Marcason:

Thank you for your prompt response to my question about remarks you made at the Broadway Westport Council
meeting on Thursday. I am hopeful you will be able to respond to the questions I have set forth below as quickly as
you did my previous question.

I note that $360,000 of the in-district expenditures for year 30 went to “Streetcar Corridor Planning Phase 2”.
Could you please tell me what other “Street or Roadway Improvements” were under consideration for that year but
did not make the list of expenditures that would be made from the funds available? I would also like to know if that
$360,000 and the $270,000 contributed by the third district for that same purpose are included in the costs that are
being reported by the City as the total costs associated with the Phase 2 Planning for the Streetcar Corridor; are

In FYE 2014, the Fourth District approved PIAC requests totaling $1,008,000 in street or roadway improvements
(including $350,000 for the streetcar planning). In FYE2015, we are proposing $1,095,000 for street and roadway
improvements, including $360,000 for streetcar planning.

In your earlier email to me, you identified the group that asked the Council to consider an extension of the
streetcar line South of 51st Street as the Country Club Right of Way Committee. I have been able to locate only a
single article that refers to that organization as it pertains to their activity in Waldo but I cannot locate anything that
identifies its members. Could you please tell me who were members of that committee at the time it requested the
Council to consider extension of the streetcar line South of 51st Street?

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Kansas City Streetcar: Tax Now, Answer Questions Later



By Patrick Tuohey

Kansas City Mayor Sly James told a meeting of streetcar opponents a couple of weeks ago that the effort to save the trolley trail — a band of green space running through the city once dedicated to a streetcar but now used for walking and bicycling — is misinformed because:

There’s multiple options, three or four of which have nothing to do with the trolley trail; won’t touch it, won’t run on it, won’t use the lines on it.

The problem for residents and businesses is that no one will tell them what those “multiple options” are, so they are left guessing. The Kansas City Business Journal has published a map of where the rail lines will be laid, approximately, but this is just a broad route. The “multiple options” the mayor speaks of seem to be only a series of cross-section cartoons of what a rail might look like on the road, or on the trail, or in a mixed setting. For all the reality it represents, it might as well include subway tunnels or Clay Chastain’s gondolas. It is not a route and it is not binding on the city. (Note that in the bottom image they just extended the graphic out into the left margin to insert a third turning lane, in effect increasing the land available to them. You can’t do this in the real world.)

Kansas City voters are being told to vote to increase their sales and property taxes now and discuss what it is going to pay for later. And what comes later could easily include eminent domain, dead-end neighborhood streets, bulldozed neighborhood parking lots, railroad crossing gates placed over every street that the route crosses, and the destruction of green space all along the route. No one knows.

Amid such little transparency, it is understandable that voters do not want to give City Hall broad power. If transportation planners want support for their plans, they should come to voters with a complete proposal, not non-binding — and physically impossible — ”options.”



Up and Coming In February


Another opportunity to attend a NextRail meeting and try to get answers. All those who say they want to gather as much information as possible – get in gear and go to any meeting you can.

Kyle Elliot, Lead Transportation & District Planner at City of Kansas City, MO, will give an update on the Streetcar and what the next steps are on Thursday February 20, 2014   All who can, should try to attend and get answers to all those unanswered questions.  Please click here for details.  This notification was also posted on our Facebook Page.


Another meeting sponsored by the Troost Alliance discussing the TDD and Streetcar agenda will be on February 26th, 2014.   Notice, though, that once the presentation is finished there will be little or no time left for questions, and if there is, listen carefully to determine whether you really got an answer to the question you asked.

Information on this event here – Troost Alliance – Save the Date – Next Meeting Wed Feb 26




Today is the official launch of our new website and the home page of Save The Trolley Trail. We invite you to have a look around and get comfortable with the site layout and features. We have started by providing recent articles of interest and to help you catch up with the latest developments and opinions. Comments are welcome and we value your feedback and participation as well. We hope you enjoy this valuable resource and we will publish updates and other information of vital interest on a regular basis. Thank you again for visiting and participating.


Save The Trolley Trail


Kansas City Business Journal


If everything goes according to plan, Kansas City voters will be asked to raise taxes in a section of the city to finance the second phase of the city’s streetcar project and extend the life of the project well past 2015. Sherry DeJanes, an attorney at Sherry DeJanes PC, has a plan of her own. DeJanes, a Brookside resident who works in Westport, said she’s going to file suit in Jackson County Circuit Court opposing a petition that would begin the process of creating the Kansas City Urban Rail Transportation Development District. She said she plans to file by the end of February.

DeJanes, who’s been practicing law for more than 25 years, said she also plans to attend the April 1 public hearing and April 2 judicial hearing at the Jackson County Courthouse and argue her case in front of the court.

Link to the complete full article here


Save the Trolley Trail Announcement


February 5th, 2014.  Great meeting tonight!!! 50 people signed up to volunteer for one thing or another and there were, at least, another ten – twenty people there, not counting the streetcar proponents. A great turnout considering the weather and street conditions – something the City should, perhaps, spend a bit more on in the future. The Mayor appeared and spoke but did NOT dominate the meeting, though he made a valiant effort to do so. Also, though we cordially gave the opposition an opportunity to speak, we steered the course. We are a force to be reckoned with and will not go quietly into the night.

I will be emailing those of you who signed up to volunteer your efforts in order to determine the strengths each of you brings to this effort. My goal is mobilize each of you to put your talents to work for our common goal.

Everyone who came to the meeting rocks but so do those of you who support our cause but were unable to attend the meeting.

Please, please, go to the site, below, especially if you oppose and sign up to be on the Streetcar advisory panel – don’t let them make a mockery of us by advertising that we can participate in the advisory panel and then being in a position to say that no one in the opposition signed up.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM CST on February 13, 2014.